Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner Review

Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner Review

Whether you are trying to spruce up the interior of your home or you simply want to be able to walk around your house with a lush, soft surface underfoot, a carpet can be a great investment. Regardless of whether you would prefer a wall to wall carpet or a simple spot rug, it certainly adds a bit of atmosphere to the interior of your home as opposed to bare flooring.

One of the main challenges you will have to deal with in installing a carpet in your home is keeping it clean. Regardless of whether you have pets or children, you will sometimes be unable to avoid a mess on the carpet. In these situations, you have a few choices you can make.

Rug Doctor Portable carpet cleaner being pulled.

You can do the best with the cleaning products you have at hand, as a first recourse.

It is not recommended to use non-specialized cleaning products on rugs as you may damage the fabric and your rug can end up looking worse than it did initially or even after it was dirtied.

While this is certainly not true in every single case, it is still not the most easily recommended course of action.

The only situation in which you should use non-specialized products to clean your carpet is when it is only a small mess that can be easily removed with non-damaging products that you have around the house. The next course of action you may take when it comes to cleaning your rug is to hire a carpet cleaning company.

Carpet cleaning companies exist almost everywhere, as not everyone has the resources with which to clean their carpets at home.

Unfortunately, since the carpet cleaning market is not necessarily one of the more popular categories for companies, you will find that there is not very much competition, and as a result of this lack of competition, their prices will tend to be quite high.

In addition to this, it is a bit of an inconvenience to deal with having a full carpet cleaning crew in your house for however long the carpet cleaning may take.

Rug Doctor Portable carpet cleaner used on stairs.

As these companies often use industrial strength carpet cleaners, you will very likely be annoyed by the noise of their work. This combined with the cost of a carpet cleaning crew means this is not a very desirable option.

This brings us to your final choice. If none of the two above options sound beneficial to you, you could always purchase a home carpet cleaner, so you will be able to deal with messes in the future as well as the mess you currently have on your hands.

Carpet cleaners can, in fact, be cheaper than a single visit from a carpet cleaning company, so they are indeed a very smart investment.

About The Product

Let's take a look at some of the features of the Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner.


  • Double the suction of similarly priced models
  • Deep Down Stain Removal technology
  • ​Handheld oscillating brush
  • ​Removable tanks
  • ​Retractable handle
  • Carpet friendly wheels

Who Is Rug Doctor?

Rug Doctor is known as one of the premiere manufacturers of carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning accessories, so you know that their portable spot cleaner machine will attempt to match the prestige of the company which makes it.

The product features a bevy of extras that will make your carpet cleaning experience far more enjoyable and simple than with other products.

These functions include Rug Doctor's in-house Deep Down Stain Removal system which lets you clean your carpets deeper than competing models.

The increase in suction when compared to other models also allows you to ensure better that you get every last bit of dirt on your carpet and ensure there are no remaining bits of dirt, dust, food, or any other possible substance.

Who Can Benefit?

Rug Doctor Portable carpet cleaner close-up spot cleaner.

If you are looking for a powerful carpet cleaner to deal with all of your future needs, the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Machine will help you keep your home clean for a decent price.

The great cleaner head will make sure that you can clean your carpet deeply and that you will not need to make multiple passes over it to clean it out entirely and thoroughly.

Another excellent aspect to this carpet cleaner is its relatively small size and light weight. If you believe that you will be using this carpet cleaner at least semi-regularly, it helps quite a bit to have a lighter machine that will not tire you out over the course of your cleaning.

The small size also allows you to fit the device into smaller areas so you can clean those hard to reach places.

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What Do Others Say?

After scouring many reviews and customer testimonials, we have found the most common praises and gripes directed at this machine. One of the more commonly praised aspects about this machine is the build quality. It is rugged, and it will not fail after repeated use. This is good to know as Rug Doctor typically makes robust products that are worth the price.

One of the more common complaints about this machine is that the nozzle is slightly awkwardly positioned when compared to other models of carpet cleaner, but this is a relatively minor concern.

Rug Doctor Portable carpet cleaner on white background.

Buying Advice

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Machine typically retails for around 150 dollars on Amazon. During sales, you can find it available for around 120 dollars and sometimes even cheaper. This is one of the more affordable home carpet cleaners you can find available. The shipping weight of this product is approximately 20 pounds.


If you are looking for an affordable and reliable carpet cleaning machine for your home so you can save on carpet cleaning crews, look no further than the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner machine. This product will certainly improve your experience cleaning your carpets and shorten the amount of time that you have to invest in keeping your home clean.

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