Your Guide To Cleaning Oriental Rugs: Caring For Your Rug

Your Guide To Cleaning Oriental Rugs: Caring For Your Rug

If you are looking to add an extra element of class to your home, you will find that a rug or a carpet is an excellent choice you can make regarding what you should purchase next. Whereas it will certainly make your home look beautiful and cozy, you must also understand that a rug will be a somewhat high maintenance purchase.

Of everything you can buy to decorate your home, you will find that a carpet or rug will rank very highly on the list regarding maintenance.

When it comes to a standard rug, you have many choices you may make regarding how you can keep it clean. Amongst these methods, the best option you have available to you is to purchase a home carpet cleaning appliance.

Man cleaning oriental rug

Doing so, you will not have to wait for a professional service to clean your carpet or otherwise have to rely on unconventional methods which may accidentally damage the fabrics and composition of your carpet.

While standard carpets may be well and good when it comes to choosing a suitable cleaning method, you will find that there are other types of carpets and rugs which can be far more finicky.

Before we examine the best methods you may use to clean your oriental rug; we will take a moment to give a bit of background on what makes an oriental rug quite so special in comparison to your typical everyday carpet.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are typically made of heavy textiles, ranging from wool to silk. The more expensive varieties of oriental rugs tend to be handmade over many painstaking hours, contributing to their higher price in comparison to factory woven rugs which are typically the types that are made in the western world.

This manufacturing process which is done by hand tends to take a colossal amount of working hours which is one of the main reasons behind their elevated price.

In addition to a number of hours which go into making these carpets, they are also made of materials which tend to be far rarer than those which western carpets are made of.

Red and blue oriental rugs

Cotton, silk, and wool are the most commonly used materials in the construction of these carpets, but these cotton, silks, and wools are of far higher quality than those materials used in making factory carpets and rugs.

In addition to their manufacturing process, you will find that Oriental rugs tend to have a far more significant cultural heritage to uphold in comparison to the beautiful carpets that are more common in western culture.

Many oriental carpets are used as prayer carpets in eastern religions, which contributes to the care and reverence which certain artisans put into their process of manufacture.

Cleaning A Standard Rug

When it comes to cleaning a standard rug, the process is not as complicated as cleaning an oriental rug. You have the choice of either cleaning the rug yourself through the use of a rag and soap, hiring a professional cleaning crew to get the deepest possible clean or purchasing your home appliance that you may use for cleaning your rug.

These can consist of handheld carpet cleaners, standing carpet cleaners, or portable carpet cleaners, and a wide variety of other choices.

Of these options, the professional cleaning crew will be the most expensive choice you can make, although you will have less physical work to accomplish along with the assurance that your carpet will be cleaned deeply and professionally.

Woman washing oriental rug

The next choice you can make is cleaning it at home with the resources which you have at your disposal.

While this may be the cheapest and the most convenient option, you will find that it may unintentionally damage your carpet, which will result in a rather unfortunate situation.

Sometimes you will be better off paying the money for a carpet cleaning appliance or a carpet cleaning crew, so you will not risk your carpet being damaged through your mistake.

Cleaning Your Oriental Carpet

Let's take a look at some of the ways to clean your oriental carpet.

Vacuuming Your Carpet

If your oriental carpet is not meant to be wet, you will find that the best option you have is vacuuming both sides of your carpet and then thoroughly beating it against the floor so that you may remove all traces of dust and dirt which have found themselves into the deeper recesses of your oriental carpet.

You will be surprised by exactly how much dust and debris can make it into the deeper reaches of your carpet without making a noticeable difference regarding appearance or smell.

Hand Washing Your Carpet

If your carpet is washable, you will find that another excellent choice when it comes to a cleaning solution is to use purpose-made carpet cleaning detergent that you will be sure will not damage your oriental carpet.

Woman cleaning oriental rug

You can use either a rag or another method to distribute this throughout your carpet without damaging it. You must ensure that you scrub your carpet very delicately with this solution as you may damage it if you do not take the proper care.

Using A Carpet Cleaner

If your oriental rug is safe to use with a household carpet cleaner, you will find that this is the best option you can take regarding cleaning it. It will certainly save you time in comparison to the manual method, and it will provide a more thorough method of cleaning your carpet than a pure vacuum.


If you have wondered about the best method to clean your oriental rug, we hope that this article has helped you make your choice. While it is highly dependent on the actual composition and manufacture process which was used in making your oriental rug, the methods we provided should be excellent choices to ensure that your oriental rug lasts for a lifetime.

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