Vacuums & Carpet Cleaners: A Guide

Vacuums & Carpet Cleaners: An Ultimate Guide

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, two things are needed: A vacuum & a carpet cleaner. In most households, it's common to have a vacuum. They are specialized for everyday use and can get most of the dirt located on the top of your carpet.

Carpet cleaners are used on occasion. Because of this, it's normal for a household to rent one to clean their carpet fully. It is important to use it solely for carpet cleaning and not for vacuuming. Doing so allows you to be deep clean your carpet properly.

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We want to help you understand the differences, similarities and other mechanics associated with both vacuums and carpet cleaners. By the end of this article, you'll understand everything you need to know how to use both house hold appliances effectively.

Vacuum Cleaner

In almost every household, there is a vacuum cleaner. They are cheaper than carpet cleaners and can be used for most operations regarding carpet maintenance. Even if you can't clean the deep stains, you'll notice an improvement in your carpet’s appearance. With a few vacuum sweeps, your house will look a whole lot better.

Vacuums are used for temporary cleaning purposes. When it comes to carpets, you'll need a vacuum to do the first round of cleaning. After that, you can shampoo your carpet to remove almost any stain. It's a cheap and inexpensive tool that will keep your carpet looking fresh for an extended period.

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Your vacuum cleaner uses suction to remove unwanted particles (debris, hair, and dirt) from your carpet. It's not to be used with water or any types of carpet cleaner. Vacuuming regularly keeps your rug constantly fresh.

However, there are certain stains that a vacuum can't handle. Remember, your vacuum is only able to clean the surface of your carpet.

This means that certain things are caught within your carpet’s deep fibers that vacuums can’t reach. Even the most technologically advanced vacuums can't clean up these particles. That's when you'll want to use a carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaner

Your carpet cleaner is used for deep cleaning. It uses water to remove dirt that's stuck in the base up to the surface of your carpet. Unlike the vacuum, your carpet cleaner can eliminate almost any spots with ease. Thus, it's recommended to use the carpet cleaner after you've vacuumed the carpet.

Also, carpet cleaners are efficient at removing harmful germs. Every day, your carpets receive a lot of traffic such as footsteps and foot hair. Using a carpet cleaner allows you to kill mold, bacteria, and fungus.

Some cleaners work in conjunction with chemical cleaning agents, while others just use a rotating brush or steam to handle your carpet cleaning needs. Some cleaners also emit hot water, but not all. The hot water creates steam, which is used to loosen up the dirt that has been acquired on the carpet.

The Best Carpet Cleaner For Your Money: Keeping Your Home Clean

While some carpet cleaners have a suction mechanism to remove water and cleaning fluid from your rug, they should be used solely for carpet cleaning and not as a vacuum cleaner. People who fail to realize this often run the risk of damaging their device. Thus, if you want a completely clean carpet, make sure to use the carpet cleaner for its specified purpose.

What Are The Differences?

The usual carpet cleaner uses hot water extraction technology. First, the machine removes the dirt located in the carpet threads. Then, the water is extracted out of the carpet, which leaves the carpet clean and dry.

Due to this information, the main distinction between a carpet cleaner and a vacuum cleaner is that the carpet cleaner deep cleans a carpet while the latter only cleans the surface. A distinction to note is that a vacuum cleaner doesn't need water to operate properly.

Vacuum cleaners can be operated without water. Also, it is more simple to use in comparison to the carpet cleaner. Meaning that you can just plug it in and get ready to clean the surface of your carpet.

Because of this difference, you'll notice the clear distinction between the two. The carpet cleaner has a tank attached to the back of it, while a vacuum doesn’t.

There are a few things that both have in common. Next, we'll discuss the similarities and the uses that both cleaners and vacuums tend to have in common.

Both Are Used For Carpet Cleaning

Despite the differences, both housekeeping tools are operated similarly. You move them back and forth to clean the dirt that's placed on the carpet. Both are beneficial to maintaining the quality of your carpet. You'll need to use a vacuum to effectively clean the surface, and a carpet cleaner to effectively clean the deeper layers.

You need to vacuum first before using a carpet cleaner. This helps remove the trapped dirt and dust located on the surface of your carpet. Also, it loosens up the fibers, making it easier for your carpet cleaner to reach the base and remove the deepest dirt. When you vacuum, you can pick up certain items that will prevent you from cleaning with a carpet cleaner.

After that, you can use the carpet cleaner. It works by using rotating brushes to raise the carpet's fibers. Then the device applies a cleaning solution and water to the carpet. Like a vacuum, it collects waste water and dirt.

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The water that is collected from the cleaning is stored inside of the tank. This allows the carpet to dry faster and become cleared after a few hours of usage. It’s important to empty the dirty tank from your carpet cleaner after you are finished.

How Often Must I Use It?

Understand that vacuuming must be done weekly. Depending on the conditions, you'll have to use it at least 2 to 3 times a week. You should use your carpet cleaner periodically. On average, you'll want to use your carpet cleaner once every three months.


To conclude, we believe that having a good vacuum and carpet cleaner will immensely change your home. It will make your carpets and floors look spotless and clean while extending the lifespan of your furniture. We suggest getting both to maximize both your carpet’s lifespan and appearance.

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