How To Clean Car Seats: A Guide

How To Clean Car Seats: A Guide

It's important to clean your car frequently. Every day your car is becomes filled with dust, dirt, and debris that can become a potential hazard if left uncleaned. While you can hire a professional to clean your car, understand that this is very expensive for your average American.

A common myth that car owners tend to assume is that the more water, the better. Beginner car owners make the mistake of using a large amount of water to clean their car. Too much moisture can dampen and even destroy the fabric of your car’s interior. That is why you'll need to know the proper steps for cleaning your car.

Man cleaning car seats

Fortunately, some methods will help you keep your car clean. We'll discuss certain methods that will help you get your car looking as good as new.

In this article, we give you the information needed to clean your car in an efficient manner. It's not challenging, but just requires a lot of work and effort to clean it without any issues.

By the end, you'll have enough confidence to clean your car correctly and efficiently.

Things To Remember

Your car interior takes a lot of abuse. Unlike your home, which has a larger surface area and space, your car is a congested space that absorbs dirt the second you enter. Like your carpet, your car is constantly exposed to footprints and constant traffic throughout its use.

Each time you hop into your vehicle, you add more dirt into it. Every time you drink or eat, you add a set of crumbs or liquid in the interior of your car. When sitting in your car, you can drop makeup, dead skin and hair. These particles add up and prove to be a problem if left uncleaned.

On average, you should clean your car at least once a week. This keeps it remaining fresh and safe from particles that destroy its interior aesthetic. We'll go into detail on the methods you need to take to ensure that you maintain the value of your car.

Cleaning Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is the most used section of your car interior. It requires particular attention as it's something that you'll most likely use every time you start the engine. Your dashboard and the deck under the rear window experience the most sun exposure. Frequent treatment is necessary to prevent these components from fading.

Woman cleaning a car dashboard

The simplest way to care of your dashboard is by using a foam applicator pad. Spray some vinyl protectant on the applicator and thoroughly begin to wipe down the dashboard. Doing this prevents overspray on your upholstery and your glass.

How To Vacuum Your Car

There's not much to it to vacuuming your car. All you need is a quality vacuum, a few attachments, and 15-20 minutes of effort to make our car appear spotless.

Two important attachments you'll need are the dust brush and the crevice attachment. Make sure that your crevice attachment is made out of plastic and not metal. Metal attachments can destroy the vinyl upholstery or leather in your car.

The brush tool is used to clean up tight spaces inside of your car. You'll want to use this tool when you are cleaning between and under the seats of your car so that it effectively removes the debris.

Man vacuuming car seats

Also, you'll want to use the round dust attachment to clean up dust caught up in the vents. Doing this helps your car stay in pristine condition and remove unwanted trash that piles up inside of it. It’s important to use both the brush tool and round dust attachment to give your car the deep cleaning it needs.

How To Vacuum Your Carpets

The carpets and mats of your car collect a large amount of dirt overtime. First, pull them out of your car and shake them to remove any excessive amount of dirt. Next, use a 4" upholstery attachment or a hose to clean out the mats.

You'll need to use the crevice tool when it comes to cleaning the carpets of your car. For instance, use it to clean up the seats and other areas. Then, use the crevice tool to remove the dirt and debris from the seats.

Use shampoo to clean the carpets located inside of your car thoroughly. Apply a small amount of shampoo and use a brush to clean it out. Lastly, you'll want to repeat these steps once every few weeks to remove unwanted dirt and particles in your car.

Cleaning The Leather Upholstery

There are two things that cause your leather to lose its color. First, are the oils of your skin. Second, is dirt. Your skin does the most damage to your car’s leather. When you wear clothing that leaves your skin exposed, the leather wrinkles when it makes contact. Because of this, you'll want to bi-annually clean your car’s leather seats.

Man cleaning leather car seats

Unlike fabric, the leather of your car must be cleaned individually. This means that after you apply the conditioner to a certain area, you'll want to wipe it down and proceed to the next section.

Use a solution and a sponge to rub the areas around the leather thoroughly.

When you are finished scrubbing, make sure to remove all soap from the leather surface with a damp towel. Then you'll want to rinse and wash the leather sections of the car and the dry it off with a dry terry-cloth towel.


Most of us spend a long time inside of our cars, so its mandatory to keep it clean to retain its value. If you take at least ten minutes a day, you'll notice a positive change in your car’s appearance. Ultimately, by staying on top of your car's look, you can expect it to last longer and increase in value.

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