Spotless: How To Remove Blood Stains From Your Carpet

Spotless: How To Remove Blood Stains From Your Carpet

One of the most awkward stains to explain on your carpet or sofa is blood. It’s an unmistakeable sight that leads to more curiosity than you care to deal with. Your guests and friends will ponder on an abundance of questions. Is it your blood? Where did the blood come from?

Are you secretly an ax murderer. Whether you are or not, we have you covered for getting rid of those pesky stains that can leave a negative impact on your otherwise beautiful carpet. While blood stains can be a pain to make vanish, we have the foolproof method for getting rid of them.

Questions To Ask

How you will clean the carpet of the blood stain is dependent on a few factors.

  • How old is the stain itself?
  • What kind of blood is it?
  • ​Is there a lot/is it a big or small stain?
  • Has it sunk into the subflooring?
  • What tools have you at your disposal?

Depending on how fresh the stain is, the cleaning process can be quicker or longer. New stains haven't had time to settle or seep in and dry. When the blood has time to become fused with the carpet fibers, it's harder to remove.

Man cleaning blood stain from carpet

Blood can be different in how quickly it coagulates. Some blood dries faster than others and can be harder to remove. The amount of blood also matters.

Bigger stains have a habit of being easier to rub in. Most don’t know the right way to get rid of them without forcing it to go deeper into the carpet itself.

Depending on if the blood has sunken into the subflooring you may need to remove or replace the carpet itself and clean underneath it.

It can prevent the blood from causing an odor or attracting bugs.

Lastly, the tools you have mattered. If you are getting things done the old fashioned way i.e. without a carpet cleaner, you will have a harder time getting it perfectly back to normal.

Tools To Use

There are a million ways to clean blood from the floor. Some tools are musts while others simply make the job less time consuming and more in-depth.

If you have the choice, the main things you will need are:

  • A Carpet Cleaner
  • A Steel Brush
  • ​Vinegar
  • ​A Bucket
  • Multiple Towels or Rags
  • Baking Soda
  • Carpet Cleaning Solution
  • Soap
  • A Vacuum

The Uses Of The Tools

The usual proper mix for cleaning a carpet can vary. Each of these tools fulfills a different part of the job that can have a massive impact on whether your carpet is left like new or just a lighter blotchy stain.

A carpet cleaner is an essential tool for those that want to be prepared for any possible occurrence in the home.

A good carpet cleaner pays for itself in the costs it saves on hiring a professional. While they can vary in type, intensity, and size, having even a basic shampooing model can allow you to more thoroughly and quickly clean your carpet than you could by hand.

Another valuable tool has a good steel brush. Steel brushes are valuable tools for when stains dry and cause dried lumps of carpet to stick together. They help loosen them up so when fluid is added; it's easier to get everything done.

Woman with gloves cleaning red stain on carpet

A bucket and a few towels or rags are useful for those that lack a proper cleaner and have to work with just a vacuum or less. The towels and rags are meant to act as early stage additions to control the amount of moisture applied to stains and continue from what the brush starts.

Vinegar, baking soda, and carpet cleaning solution help remove the ability of the blood to stick to the carpet fibers and eat away at its composition. That destruction makes it easier to remove the remnants of the stain.

The Quick Process

Now, for the easy way of cleaning your carpet. Assuming you picked up or possess the tools mentioned earlier, it won’t take too long.

  • If the stain is wet, immediately use ammonia, vinegar or soap and water to do an initial rinse of the carpet.
  • If the carpet is dry and the stain is as well, start by using the brush to loosen up the clumped stain itself. Then, proceed to wet the stain with vinegar, soap, and water.
  • ​Blot, don’t scrub the stain. If you scrub, you will cause the stain to go deeper into the carpet.
  • ​Alternate using the vacuum cleaner and the rotating brushes of your carpet cleaner to get deeper into the carpet while removing moisture and debris.
  • ​Use the vinegar and solution to remove any smell and loosen up the stain further.
  • ​When you have as much removed as possible, use the vacuum and remaining rags to dry the carpet itself so you can see what is remaining.
  • Repeat as necessary until it is as clean as possible.
  • It’s not too complicated to clean a blood stain. The hardest part is doing the repetitive steps until the carpet is clean. Most people make it worse opposed to better by using the wrong technique.


Whether you are cleaning up something left over from hunting or from having an unruly guest over, inevitably everyone needs to get rid of a blood stain or two. Time is of the essence, and if you can get to it on the spot, it's better than waiting.

Cleaning red stains on carpet

Blood stains are known as the hardest to remove short of some types of oil based paint. It will depend on the characteristics of your carpet as well as what tools you have at your disposal.

The biggest thing is to get on it as soon as you can.

Cleaning the carpet yourself will save a lot of money and time. If you want to make it even easier, consider picking up a carpet cleaner that offers multiple drying and shampooing functions with rotating brushes. It will allow you to dig deeper into the carpet and clean more thoroughly.

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