Finding The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets: A Review Guide

Finding The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets: A Review Guide

Pet ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Taking care of a cat or dog is a great way to build a feeling of companionship and a way to learn how to take care of something other than yourself.

I have personally owned pets throughout the entirety of my life, mostly dogs but also a cat, and I know that while they can be great friends and provide everlasting loyalty, there are some times when they can inconvenience you by causing messes.

Teaching a pet dog not to pee on the carpet

The variety of messes which can be caused by your pets varies from animal to animal. Depending on the species, breed, and age of your pet, you may have to deal with various messes from time to time.

From something as innocent as your dog dropping some food on the floor, to a pet in potty training who still does not understand where to do their business, it helps to be prepared when the worst happens, and you nearly step in a mess.

If you have a young pet and they are learning to be potty trained, you will have to deal with messes on a semi-regular basis, depending on how quick of a learner your puppy or kitten is.

The same goes for senior animals when they sadly start to have less control over their bodily functions, so in these cases, you will very likely need a solution to the issue of the messes which are being caused in your home.

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Pet Messes

In the event of animals which have been potty trained and knew where to do their business, you still have to deal with the issue of pet saliva. In the unfortunate case that your pet eats something that disagreed with them or something that they were not supposed to eat, they may throw up on the floor so you should also be prepared to deal with this eventuality.

Some pets have better instincts than others when it comes to this.

In the case of some pets, you may also have to deal with excessive shedding which can get caught in your carpet. Cats may also cough up furballs that will have to be treated, so there are more ways your pet can dirty your floor than bodily fluids and the like.

There is also the risk of your pet traipsing in mud and dirt from outdoors which can get caught in your carpet or leave marks on your floor that will have to be cleaned up.

Woman cleaning dog pee

As an owner, you know your pet better than anyone, and you know how often you may have to clean up after your pet. If you find yourself constantly having to clean up your house, you may wish to invest in certain products which will help you more quickly clean up after your pet.

Different types of flooring will be affected in a variety of ways by pet vomit, urine or other substances.

Your Type Of Flooring

If you have hard flooring, there is not much cause for concern as it is relatively straightforward to mop up the mess and then spray some air freshener in your home. A more difficult situation to deal with is when your pet makes a mess on one of your rugs.

An even worse scenario would be if you have wall to wall carpets and you have to clean up a mess like muddy pawprints all over your home.

Woman cleaning carpet with Bissell ProHeat

Carpets are an excellent way to add an element of coziness to your home and to make the floor more comfortable to walk on. Unfortunately, they are somewhat high maintenance even if you do not have a pet as you have to clean them periodically or they will start to smell and look dirty.

There is also always the risk of spilling a drink or dropping some food on the carpet which will result in an unpleasant odor and stain.

When you add pets and the element of unpredictability they bring to the equation, carpets begin to seem like a less desirable option. There are many ways a pet can cause a mess that will cling to your carpet and be hard to remove.

By far the most common of these is when your pet is shedding, there will be tufts of fur always clinging to your carpet and making your home seem unclean. These tufts of fur can get rather difficult to remove from the carpet without a carpet cleaner.

How To Clean Your Pets’ Messes On Your Carpet

When having to deal with your pets' messes on your carpet, there are a few ways you can approach the problem. The first way would be to make the best with what you have on hand and scrub the mess out manually.

This is the most difficult method, and there is no guarantee that it will fully clean your carpet. Typically, if you have nothing else on hand, this is a good stopgap measure until you have access to a method of more thoroughly cleaning your carpet.

The next method you can use to clean up your carpet after your pets have made a mess of it is to hire a carpet cleaning service. This has the advantage of ensuring your carpet is cleaned thoroughly and professionally, and additionally, you do not have to do any labor in the process of cleaning the carpet.

On the other hand, you will have to deal with having a cleaning crew in your home cluttering up the environment, and you will also have to pay a somewhat steep price to hire a cleaning company.

Woman cleaning pet stains with gloves and chemicals

A cleaning crew also presents the disadvantage of not being ever-present. If your pet makes a mess once the cleaning crew has left you will have to pay for another cleaning session just to fix that one mess. This is not a very efficient way to clean up after your pet or to clean up any messes in your home, for that matter.

While they may be more thorough and professional, professional carpet cleaning services are excellent for when you wish to clean your entire carpet throughout your home.

The final choice you can make and arguably the most hassle free choice is to buy the best carpet cleaner for pets so you can always be prepared for their messes.

Even for customers who do not own pets, a carpet cleaner is an essential appliance to have in your home if you have any substantial amount of carpeting on your floor as you do not want always to be reliant on cleaning companies and half measures.

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets

The best carpet cleaner for pets will usually have a few features that are not present on conventional carpet cleaners. One of the more important aspects of having is some form of brush on the nozzle, whether or not it rotates is inconsequential, but brushes tend to make it easier to filter out fur and furballs from the air stream.

This helps your carpet cleaner not get jammed as well as making it simpler to pick up the hair in the first place.

They must also feature sufficiently powerful suction to be able to pick up any of the messes your pets make, and they will preferably be of the wet vacuum type so you can wash out the stains on the carpet and so your carpet does not begin to smell over time.

Woman and her dog lying on the carpet

You will also want your carpet cleaner to feature a sufficiently large nozzle so it does not get clogged accidentally and so you can cover a larger patch of the carpet in a single pass.

Now that we have listed some of the desirable characteristics to look for when you are shopping for the best carpet cleaner for pets, we will move onto the review section of this guide in which we will analyze some of the top carpet cleaners in this category.

Whether you are looking for the best carpet cleaner for dog urine, the best carpet cleaner for cat urine, the best carpet cleaner for old pet urine or just the best carpet cleaner for pet stains, you will find something that works for you.

Our Top Recommendations For The Best Carpet Cleaners For Pets

Read our top recommendations regarding the best carpet cleaners for pets.

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner


  • Includes professional pet urine eliminator
  • Includes oxy formula
  • Includes 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool
  • Includes CleanShot pre-treater
  • Carpet will dry within one hour of use
Bissel ProHeat carpet cleaner up right

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Pet Pro is one of the more high-ends offerings on the market when it comes to cleaning up pet messes on carpets. It is evident that a lot of care went into the design and construction of this machine as it is of exceptionally high build quality and it tends to clean carpets of pet urine and fur with ease.

The instruction manual is very clear and easy to follow, and the carpet cleaner itself is very is very easy to use.

The included carpet cleaning formulas are excellent for removing the smell of pet urine, as they are specially formulated to counteract messes made by domestic animals, but other forms of detergent will also work on this machine, but it is not guaranteed that they will work as well as the included formula.

This is arguably the best carpet cleaner solution for pet stains. While this product may be rather expensive, it is certainly one of the best carpet cleaners for pets you will find available.

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Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner


  • Heatwave technology maintains constant water temperature
  • 12 rows of power brushes
  • Included cleaning solution
Bissell DepClean carpet cleaner

The Bissell DeepClean Pet Carpet Cleaner is a more inexpensive cousin to the previously reviewed model. While it may not feature the bevy of extras which come with the ProHeat, it is still a very reasonable purchase, especially when one considers that it is nearly a third cheaper than the ProHeat.

The included cleaning solutions are very robust, and they are excellent for removing pet stains from your carpet.

This model will require some maintenance after use, to clean out any remaining bits of pet fur and to ensure that all of the mechanisms are still running smoothly. The upright design allows you to cover a larger area in a shorter period than smaller competing models. This model also does not leave your carpet excessively damp once you are done with your cleaning, so you do not have to wait for hours to be able to walk on your carpet once more.

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Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Pet Carpet Cleaner


  • Quick Clean mode allows your carpets to dry faster
  • Antimicrobial brush system
  • 25 percent larger reservoirs
  • Deep Clean mode allows you to clean your carpets thoroughly
Hoover FH50150 carpet cleaner

The Hoover FH50251PC is another mid-range offering for the best carpet cleaner for pets. The antimicrobial brush system ensures that you will not have a buildup of gunk and other unpalatable substances inside of your carpet cleaner.

The larger reservoirs of this model allow you to clean for a longer period without having to refill your water always.

It is also rather lightweight compared to other standing carpet cleaners, which can sometimes be unnecessarily cumbersome. This allows you to more easily carry it around the house in case you have two separate locations that require cleaning. This is an excellent model if you are looking to purchase a budget carpet cleaner that will work well for pet messes.

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It is not as hard as you may think to find the best carpet cleaner for pets. Considering how many manufacturers specifically make carpet cleaners designed to clean pet stains, the hard part is in the search for the right one for your needs for the right price. The best choice out of these options is the Bissell Proheat 2X if you are willing to spend the money.

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