The Best Carpet Cleaner For Your Money: Keeping Your Home Clean

The Best Carpet Cleaner For Your Money

Regardless of whether you prefer the look of a carpet in your home or you prefer the feeling of it underfoot, it is a worthwhile investment. One of the best parts about having a carpet in your home is how much cozier it seems indoors when you have wall to wall carpets.

Even if you prefer a smaller place rug, it lends a certain aspect of hominess to your house, cutting down on the cold atmosphere engendered by bare floors.

Regardless of what type of carpet you prefer to place in your home, you will find that they have a very common tendency to end up dirty and smelly.

Woman in red dress using a vacuum cleaner

Regardless of whether you may or may not have children or pets in your home, you will find that your carpets will get dirty and start to smell bad after a period of being stepped on and picking up dust and other contaminants in your home which can stain your carpet.

When you factor in the inclusion of both children and pets, you will find that it is almost guaranteed that your carpet will end up dirty sooner or later. Regardless of whether you have a wall to wall carpet or your home has one or two spot rugs, you will certainly need a way to clean your carpets.

You have several options when it comes down to how you can clean your carpets, and some of them are better than others.

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Product Name



Best Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH50150 Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

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Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner 

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Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Bissell PowerLifter Carpet Cleaner

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Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner

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Best Alternative Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

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Professional Carpet Cleaners

Your first choice when it comes to cleaning the carpets in your home is to hire a specialized service to clean your carpets. While this may seem like the best option at first, you will soon see that it is not as desirable as it sounds.

Hiring a carpet cleaning crew will certainly give you a very thorough cleaning of your carpets. They often use industrial-grade steam cleaners to clear the dirt and debris from your carpets.

These steam cleaners are certainly powerful and excellent at cleaning out your carpets in the most thorough manner you can reasonably expect.

The downside is that you will be paying a hefty fee to hire a professional carpet cleaning service and you will need to pay this fee every time you want your carpets cleaned, even if a mess was made of your carpet on the day right after you had your carpet cleaned.

In the case of an unfortunate situation, you will either have to wait with a dirty carpet until it becomes unbearable or you will have to hire the carpet cleaning crew multiple times within a short span of time.

Young woman using a carpet cleaner

This is both a waste of money and an inconvenience as you will find out after a few visits from the carpet cleaners. Another reason professional carpet cleaners are one of the less desirable options is due to the noise and clutter.

You will find that having a professional carpet cleaning crew in your home is rather loud and annoying when you wish to have some peace and quiet as well as some room to move about in your home. Professional carpet cleaning steam cleaners tend to be bulky as well as loud during their operation as a counterpoint to their efficiency when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

While some customers may be able to deal with the constant spending associated with hiring carpet cleaning crews, other will have issues with a team of workers in their home, making it harder to move about and enjoy your home peacefully.

In the end, your decision of whether or not you should hire a carpet cleaning company comes down to your budget and whether or not you are amenable to having workers in your home cleaning your carpet.

Carpet Cleaners

The next option you can choose when deciding on the best way to clean your carpet is investing in a carpet cleaner. If you choose this option, you are probably wondering what the best carpet cleaner is.

The best rug cleaner you can find often depends on your needs and your budget. As a result of this, the best steam cleaner for carpet will vary from customer to customer, so we will attempt to cover a wide variety of models in our following reviews.

Before we start with our reviews, we will give you a short overview of two of the more famous manufacturers of carpet cleaners. These two manufacturers are Hoover and Bissell, and many customers wonder which of these two manufacturers are the best.

There is no definitive answer to this question as both of these manufacturers have their pros and cons, and some of it is up to personal preference.


The more famous of these two companies is arguably Hoover. Hoover is well-known for their vacuum cleaners, but they also make very high-quality rug cleaners.

Hoover Max Extract carpet cleaner used.

When you consider the mechanism of operation, you will find those vacuum cleaners, and rug cleaners are somewhat similar, it is just that carpet cleaners usually incorporate a steam or detergent element to better clean your carpet.

Hoover began making floor care products and appliances such as vacuum cleaners, but today they are also known for manufacturing washing machines and dryers depending on where the company is operating.

These following products are typically mostly manufactured in Europe as opposed to America, where Hoover largely confines their manufacturing power to products such as vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners.

Hoover was established in 1908, in Canton, Ohio. Surprisingly enough, even though Hoover would eventually go on to be a household name, even going as far as to become a commonly used term which became interchangeable with the term “vacuum cleaner,” Bissell was the company which was established first.

In fact, a Bissell floor sweeper was used by the inventor of the vacuum cleaner as a basis for his prototype.

After William Hoover, the founder of the Hoover corporation purchased the patent for the first vacuum cleaner; he began to sell vacuum cleaners under the name of the Hoover Corporation.

While the company may have started regarding humble beginnings, Hoover is still a large manufacturer of both vacuum cleaners, and carpet cleaners and their machines leave little to be desired regarding reliability and effectiveness.


Bissell, on the other hand, holds the advantage of longevity over Hoover. Bissell was founded in 1876 by Melville Bissell in Walker, Michigan. The company's first offering regarding products was mechanical carpet sweeping machines, the original form of today's carpet cleaners.

Woman with Bissell SpotClean portable carpet cleaner.

The company eventually decided to start manufacturing vacuum cleaners and more sophisticated carpet cleaners.

Recently, in 2009, Bissell took over as the number one manufacturer of floor care appliances in North America, thus taking the lead in a brand competition which has lasted for over 100 years. While Bissell is less well-known than Hoover, they have started to produce competitive goods recently.

Whether or not Bissell will take over the reigns of the most well-known manufacturer of floor care products remains to be seen.

There are many aspects to take into consideration before you purchase your carpet cleaner. Ideally, the best carpet cleaner will have a good balance of each and every one of these aspects so you must do your research and decide on which carpet cleaner will function best for your personal needs.

While some of these aspects may seem logical, there are other characteristics which are more obscure that you should search for when looking for the best carpet cleaner.

Suction Power

The first aspect that should be taken into consideration when you are choosing your carpet cleaner is the machine's suction power.

While this may not seem quite so crucial if you have a thinner carpet which does not require as deep of a clean as particular floor to floor carpets, you will find that it is desirable to have a carpet cleaner with an excess of power as opposed to too little power.

An underpowered carpet cleaner is most certainly not the best carpet cleaner you can find as you will have to do multiple sweeps of your carpet to extract every last bit of dirt and dust from it.

An overpowered carpet cleaner can sometimes cause you issues if you are attempting to clean a thinner, lighter carpet than for which it is designed. This is only really applicable for very high powered carpet cleaners.

More powerful carpet cleaners will typically be more expensive than their low-powered counterparts. You should try to look for a carpet cleaner which will work efficiently as well as not being too expensive for your needs.

Just keep in mind that you are better off getting a carpet cleaner which is stronger than you need than a carpet cleaner which is weaker than you need.


Another crucial aspect to consider about your carpet cleaner is how affordable it is. As with any other product, this is one of the more crucial aspects for which you can search for. This is also one of the more personal attributes on which you can focus when it comes to purchasing your carpet cleaner. This is due to everyone having different amounts of disposable income.

Bissell SpotClean portable carpet cleaner used on stairs.

Another reason for why this category is immensely personal amongst individual customers is because everyone has different needs for their carpet cleaners. These requirements will evidently translate into different prices for each machine, due to their differing construction and features.

Since we all have various types of carpets and different cleaning needs, it is only a logical extension that we will need different models with different prices.

While this may be a category which is highly subjective, there are still a few tips we can give you in regards to what you should look for in a well-priced carpet cleaner. The one thing to take into consideration is that higher price does not necessarily equate to higher quality.

This is the mistake that many first-time purchasers make and usually end up buying an overpriced product that shares the same quality as another product.


Another aspect to consider before you purchase the best carpet cleaner for your money is whether or not it is adequately durable to last a long time. While higher build quality will give typically up to the price of your product, as a result of this condition, your carpet cleaner will last you far longer.

You will end up paying less for a long-term investment in one high-quality carpet cleaner than you would purchase many carpet cleaners that will break.

Regardless of whether or not your carpet cleaner has long-term durability, short-term strength is another aspect that should be considered, as you do not want your carpet cleaner to stop functioning after a minor jolt or any other shock it may endure over the course of you using it.

User Friendliness

User friendliness is another important characteristic that you should always search for when you are trying to purchase the best carpet cleaner.

Hoover Spotless Carpet Cleaner Review

User friendliness includes such amenities as whether or not your device features removable tanks for your detergent or any other cleaning solution which must be used and also the wastewater which will result from cleaning your carpet.

Another aspect to user friendliness is how ergonomically the cleaner is designed. A carpet cleaner must be easy to use as you may have to use it for extended periods of time to clean the entirety of your carpet after a period without cleaning.

Our Top Recommendations For The Best Carpet Cleaners

Here are some of the best carpet cleaners available on the market:​

Best Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Check our best Hoover carpet cleaner recommendations.

Hoover FH50150 Deluxe Carpet Cleaner


  • Spinscrub Technology ensures 360-degree cleaning
  • Dual tank system
  • Included Automatic Detergent Mixing System
  • Included stair tool, upholstery tool, and a crevice tool
  • Included mesh storage bag
Hoover Deluxe carpet cleaner carried up the stairs.

The Hoover FH50150 is an excellent entry-level carpet cleaner for those looking for a product which is on the lower end of the price spectrum as well as efficient enough to clean most household carpets.

The model is meant to be readily available to customers who have used similarly designed Hoover vacuum cleaners. Due to the ergonomic design, it is perfect for clients who do not want to learn how to use a more complicated carpet cleaner.

This model of carpet cleaner tends to use more detergent than similarly priced models, but this results in a deeper, more thorough clean of your carpets. So, while you may be using more detergent in a single pass, you will most likely not have to make multiple passes over your carpet in order for it to be completely clean.

The large variety of attachments also ensures that this product will accomplish much more tasks than you can expect from your typical carpet cleaner.

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Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner


  • Clean Surge Control allows greater control over detergent used
  • Spinscrub Technology ensures 360 degrees clean
  • ​Three-speed brush control
  • ​SmartTanks system
  • Includes 12 amp motor
Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner on white background.

The Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner is one of the best carpet cleaners you can find for such a low price. Retailing at just over 100 dollars on Amazon, the build quality of this model combined with the low price ensures that you will be able to clean your carpets on a small budget.

While this model may require a little more use than more expensive models to clean your carpets entirely, the lower powered suction is ideal for small spot rugs.

The Clean Surge system allows you to pick and choose the places that you use the cleaning detergent on so you do not have to waste any more detergent than is necessary.

This model functions best with the CleanPlus solution that you can optionally purchase with your SteamVac, but it will also work with other detergents if you cannot find CleanPlus at your local store. The three-speed system allows you to optimize the scrubber speed for the job.

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Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner

And now check our best Bissell carpet cleaner recommendations.

Bissell PowerLifter Carpet Cleaner


  • Four rows of dual rotating Dirtlifter Power Brushes
  • 2 in 1 water tank
  • Included removable nozzle
  • Added lint screen
  • Features built-in measuring cup for your detergent
  • Includes 8 oz of carpet formula
Bissell PowerLifter upright on white background.

In the first offering we will review from Bissell, you will find that the PowerLifter is another excellent and economical choice you can make when searching for a user-friendly carpet cleaner.

It is not as versatile as some of the more expensive models of carpet cleaner you will find, but it is still very effective at its intended task of cleaning carpets. If you are looking for a no-frills carpet cleaner, you will conclude that this is an excellent choice for your money.

This model is also light, so it is easily portable around the house, and if you have to clean a large surface area of carpet, such as wall to wall carpets, you will find that this model is ideal as it will not tire you out over the course of a long cleaning session. This is an excellent, cheap choice when it comes to a new carpet cleaner.

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Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner


  • Flex hose makes it easier to clean hard spots
  • Included stair tool and tough stain tool
  • Long reach power cord
  • Included two-year warranty
Bissell SpotClean portable carpet cleaner used on floor.

This model is a slightly higher priced option, coming in at just over 120 dollars, which is still quite a reasonable price for a spot cleaner. The Bissell 3624 is somewhat more versatile than the PowerLifter as it comes with a stair tool and a tough stain tool which can be used in certain situations where the standard nozzle will not function adequately.

The extended power cord allows you to use your spot cleaner throughout your house without having to switch power outlets.

The SpotClean is also effective when it comes to the amount of suction developed. This ensures that you will not have to make multiple passes to be satisfied with the cleanliness of your carpet, it also provides that all of the cleaning solutions will be sucked out of your carpet and you will not have to wait for an extended period for your carpet to clean.

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Best Alternative Carpet Cleaner

Besides Hoover and Bissell, there is one additional product we would like to recommend.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner


  • 75% more suction developed than competitors
  • Features Dual Cross Action Brushes
  • Super Boost Spray gives you control over your detergent spraying
Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner on white background.

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is the most expensive carpet cleaner we have reviewed on this list, coming in at just under 300 dollars. The price is well-justified as this model features much stronger suction than other, less expensive models.

This level of suction ensures that you will get the deepest of cleans out of your carpet cleaner. This model is also versatile due to the extensive choices regarding optional nozzles.

The build quality of this model is also one of the best points, as you can use this model for years without having to worry about the mechanism getting jammed or any other possible issues.

The dual cross action brushes ensure that your carpet will be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently, so you do not have to worry about any remaining bits of dust or dirt fouling up your carpet after you have completed your cleaning for the day.

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We hope that these reviews have helped you find the best carpet cleaner for your needs. Whether you are looking for a carpet cleaner to clean your wall to wall carpets deeply, or you only need a spot cleaner for a smaller rug, we have reviewed a good range of models which should work well for you regardless of what you may or may not need.

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